Stylish Wedding Ideas for the Environmentally Thoughtful Bride

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Monday, November 23, 2009

What Does it Mean to Be Green - Your Paper

Going "Green" means so many things. It's really hard to explain everything in one post. So I am going to take several posts to try and dig a little deeper and explain a few specifics, and give you examples about how you can easily incorporate these changes into your wedding.
Let's start with your wedding stationery.
If you have followed any of my past posts you already know I am a wedding planner who specializes in environmentally thoughtful weddings. But you may not know that I also design and print all of the wedding stationery pieces for the brides I work with. This is what I look for in the paper I use:
Post Consumer Waste Paper: This is paper that has been recycled back into the paper making process by consumers. New paper is made and typically is noted by the recycling chain sign and notation-PCW. I look for paper that is at least 30% PCW. But there are papers out there that are as high as 100% post consumer waste.
Recycled Paper: Usually recycled paper is made of 100% recycled content. And this paper is usually paper that is recycled back into the paper making process by the manufacturer. The manufacturer simply puts its scraps back into the process.
Responsible Mill Practices: If you see this note on your paper it means that it has been produced by a mill that recognizes responsible, sustainable forestry, and is certified by a third party.
Renewable Content: This is paper that contains at least 20% renewable content, usually plant fibers or cotton.
Renewable Energy Sources: This is paper that has been made using renewable energy sources- hydro power or wind power. Think wind turbines.
PCF: Means Processed without the use of elemental chlorine. (Processed Chlorine Free)
USA: Means Made in the USA. This is paper that was created and produced domestically.
What can you do? It's simple. Look for these signs and words when you are sourcing your wedding stationery paper. Look for the companies and individuals who consider using these sources of paper an important part of their business practices.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Stylish Ideas for a Green Wedding

Here are a few ideas to consider if you are planning an environmentally thoughtful wedding.

Think: Reduce, reuse, and recycle throughout all of your planning and purchasing for your
wedding and reception.
Consider: Your carbon footprint and your guest's when planning transportation.  Even
better, hold your wedding ceremony and reception at the same location so you and your
guests can drive less.
Use Historic Venues: Gardens, or natural surroundings for ceremony and reception locations.
Use Music: That is un-plugged, like a string quartet at your wedding ceremony and reception,
and use less energy.
Go Local: By using locally grown produce and flowers.  Organic produce and flowers are even better.
Go Recycled: Use Recycled or post consumer waste paper for all of your stationery needs.
Give Earth Friendly Favors: By skipping the throw-a-way tchnotchkes in lieu of a donation
in your guest's names to an organization you believe in.
Simplify and Appreciate: Share with your guests what brings meaning into your life.
Buy: Items with an eye toward their usefulness after your wedding celebration.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Button Bouquet that makes me Think Hmmm.....

I'm a bit stuck on bouquets right now.  So few make me stop and think Hmm....
I have been thinking a lot lately about alternatives.  And this bouquet would make for a nice alternative to a floral bouquet.  It would last forever, could be made from recycled buttons and tidbits, and could be designed using any color combination you could find (in buttons).
I'm not really a big button fan.  I am a big bouquet fan though, and this bouquet is nice.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Beautiful Bouquet

I think this is the most beautiful bouquet.  Very, soft, natural and real.  The true colors of nature.  If you step outside and look around, you may find the perfect colors for your wedding palette.