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Monday, January 25, 2010

Ode To A Rose

I cannot help myself.  I love beautiful flowers.  My husband and I recently (in September) moved to our new home.  One of the things (one of my favorite things) we left behind, were my Paul Bucose roses.
I love roses.  I love hydrangeas.  I love daffodils.  I love lavender, But, I especially love roses.  I grew up enjoying the roses of my grandmother's back yard: my Grandmother Evelyn, who was an avid gardener.  She grew roses, and especially the "Peace Rose,"  whose petals were lovely.  A beautiful pink and  soft yellow combination.
This is a photo of the beautiful roses I miss so very much.  My very own "Paul Bucose" rose.
There is nothing in this world so very nice and sweet to me as fresh cut roses.
I have roses ( a lot of roses) in the back of my "new" home.
I'm not certain of their origin.  But,
May they come again this spring!

Tara Lynn Scheidet Environmentally Beautiful Wedding Gowns

Hello Dear Brides,
I hope you enjoy the photos of Tara Lynn's Beautiful wedding gowns.  Please contact Tara Lynn and let her know how much you love her work.

Tara Lynn Scheidet Custom Wedding Gowns

Personalization is the NEW LUXE in weddings!
From your one-of-a-kind, designed only for you wedding your thoughtfully planned, highly personalized wedding reception.
These Custom Designed, Environmentally Beautiful Wedding Gowns by
Tara Lynn Scheidet are made using hemp with satin and silks, organic cottons, and silk chiffon.

Beautiful Butterflies are thoughtfully appliqu├ęd on this enchanting Bridal Gown.
Tara Lynn truly enjoys getting to know her clients as she creates a gown specially for them.
If you would like to have Tara Lynn design a gown for her at, and go to her contact page.
The sketches below give you a hint of what Tara Lynn is working on now.
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To view Tara Lynn's entire line of wedding gowns go to
She has so many beautiful designs, I wish I could post them all.
To view even more of her environmentally beautiful designs go see

Friday, January 8, 2010

Fabulous and Affordable Pre-Owned Wedding Gowns

Romantic strapless gown by Carolina Herrera

Anne Barge pleated silk wedding gown

Amy Michelson deep scoop back satin dress

                               Pre-Owned wedding gowns are Fabulous, Affordable, and also very
Environmentally Thoughtful.  This is the Re-use part of  Reduce, Re-use, and Recycle.
  Gowns from your favorite designers can be found at a fraction of their original price.  You can also find accessories, shoes, headpieces, jewelry, and wraps.  All at terrific prices.
My favorite online resale boutiques are:

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Beautiful Paper Laterns for your Wedding Reception

Beautiful Beehive Paper Lantern made out of rice paper

Sweet Eyelet Paper Lantern made of lacey handmade
paper with a floral eyelet pattern, will cast a beautiful shadow.

Cocoon Paper Lantern comes in a lot of colors
and is most affordable.

 So often my clients would like to add additional soft romantic
lighting to their event. And paper lanterns with soft LED lights inside are a perfect way to create
the right mood for relaxing and socializing, eating and drinking, and dancing!
 I really believe in turning out the over-head lights (or at least turning them way down), and going with straight candle-glow and twinkle lights.  LED lights are the most environmentally thoughtful way to go, because they use so much less energy than regular lights.  They are made using break-resistant plastic, and generate very little heat-so they don't pose a fire hazard.
Price varies