Stylish Wedding Ideas for the Environmentally Thoughtful Bride

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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Spring 2009 Wedding Decor Ideas

I know it may seem a little odd to already begin a conversation about next Spring's weddings, but I usually begin working with brides about nine to ten months before their wedding dates. Having already completed -for the most part-all of the design work on current season weddings, I begin to move forward quite early.

I'm working with a lovely bride who would like to have brightly colored paper laterns hanging about during her wedding reception. A little bit of research and voila! I think these are the cutest, and will work perfectly along with the rest of our decor ideas.

I'm sharing with you, because perhaps you too would like this same decor item for your wedding reception. I think these paper lanterns would hang very nicely from the inside of a tent, from tree limbs, under a porch or awning. They would be fabulous with the addition of twinkle lights for an evening reception. Imagine at twilight, the soft glow from these paper lanterns as your guests arrive to your tented reception area. I love soft, romantic, sparkly lights in the evening.
Add a little Billie Holiday, Louis Armstrong, or Swing music, women twirling about in their cocktail dresses-and you have a beautiful moment.

Of course, all of the other elements also have to be in place. But, I think these paper lanterns are a very good starting point. These paper lanterns are from Luna Bazzar. Perhaps these could also be used as a beautiful way to create a tradition and celebrate your following anniversaries. Imagine pulling these out each year to decorate your home while you and hubby celebrate your marriage. Very eco-chic to reuse instead of purchasing new decor items.


Mits said...

Nice to sharing your wedding decorate ideas. Next month my brother's wedding so please tell me more views of decorates.


Green Wedding Planner said...

How very considerate of you to want to help your brother make his wedding day special. Next month is October, so my guess is that the wedding has already been planned by the bride. Without knowing the venue or theme, or the bride's ideas, I am able only to offer a few suggestions that may delight your brother and his bride. And these should be easy for you to pull off at this late date.
First, think about the entrance to the wedding ceremony. What will guests see upon arriving? Set the scene for guests. I suggest fall foliage wreaths hung on doors, or fence posts-make sure the colors and style fit with the bride's theme. When entering-what do guests see? What do they smell, or feel? Make all of those work for the wedding. Will there be a guest book outside of the ceremony area? Make the display table gorgeous. Cover the table, add a floral arrangement, candles, a beautiful pen for guests to us. Plus a gorgeous guest signing book. Have someone nearby to assist guests at this table.
Next, consider the guest's viewpoint as they enter the ceremony area. All of the same issues apply. Think visually stimulating, romantic and cosy, and above all hospitality.
Next, is the reception. Look at the reception entrance and area from the viewpoint of a guest. What do they see? That will guide you more than anything in your approach. Something special you can do for your brother is the creation of a "wishing tree." Get two large vases, use florist foam in the bottom to anchor a few medium size twigs in each. String ribbon or beads (color coordinating with the wedding colors), between the two vases with twigs, and make small square cut-outs with the lettering from the words - wishing tree-and hang these words from either the ribbon or beads. Prepare small square blank cards (I like to add a design element from the wedding), hang the blank cards from the tree using ribbon. And make a small sign asking guests to write their well wishess for the bride and groom on the cards, then re-attach to the tree. The guests are enchanted. And your brother and his new wife receive very nice wishes and memories of their day to cherish forever.
Consider a signature drink for their wedding reception. If they have a bar, they will be serving scotch, vodka and gin. I would suggest a simple vodka drink. Add a little food coloring, using the secondary color of their wedding, to make the drink special. And you have a drink for guests that is elevated above average.
Also, consider making a special sign for their "get-away" car. Add streamers of ribbon to a two inch wide piece of tape. Attach underneath the "Just Married" sign and attach to their car. For the sign use a heavy posterboard and hand paint in your best handwriting. Use an element from their wedding if you are able. But black lettering on creme or white board works best for this. As they drive away they will have those pretty ribbons floating about and a sign for all to see.
Good Luck,