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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Gratitude + Kindness = Bridal Happiness

Most brides are stressed. Tap dancing very close to the edge of a little craziness. So, since I am in the business of helping brides-I decided to come up as many ideas as I could to help my brides be "more" happy and "less" worried during the whole planning process. I have compiled quite a few ideas, but this is one I have begun to suggest to every bride I am working with. And the results are good so far. Here it is:
When you begin to feel stressed-stop and think about all of the great experiences you have had while planning your wedding. Maybe someone has been especially sweet and helpful to you. Gone out of their way to serve you in some way. Stop and be grateful. Focus on just one very nice consideration you have received.
Write a thank-you note. Not an email, and not a phone call. A hand written note is a way to appreciate another person that is on a totally different personal level. Plus you have to sit still and think. And you have to use pretty stationery-which by itself will make you feel better. Think of it as a form of meditation.
I promise you will feel better. The person who receives your kind note will feel better. More happiness for everyone.

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