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Friday, December 12, 2008

The Bride's Guide to Happiness

My last post about Gratitude and Kindness generated a few phone calls. I have my blog address included at the bottom of all of my emails. So, most people I send an email to-take a peak at my blog. The calls I received were from brides, a mother of the bride, and one of my vendors-who all told me they would give the gratitude + kindness idea a try. And they all asked for more ideas.

I have quite a few ideas-14 to be exact. I call them my "Bride's Guide to Happiness." And I'll post them as we go along.
A Binder + Organization = Happiness
1. Get Organized. Seems so simple. But the fact is, most brides do not have any type of master organizer. I typically put one together for my brides. But if you are a DIY bride-you need a organizer. (An organizer is a binder that includes a calendar & a notebook, & all of your visual ideas.)

If you are not organized you will become very stressed. And the stress will come because you want to do something that is so very good. You want to create a beautiful and meaningful wedding, full of lasting memories. So, start from that point-the realization that you want to create something great! I promise that the positive energy created from that thought will jump start you into action. But, your action needs to be getting yourself organized.

The first step in getting organized is to get a calendar. Write your wedding date in on the calendar-then work backwards from there. Begin filling in all of your important dates (parties, meetings, etc.) Take your calendar with you everywhere you go. Make sure it has a notebook for you to write in ideas, notes from discussions, tape in pictures of things you like,etc.
This calendar/notebook combination will prove to be invaluable to you, because everything you need will be there for you. If you have not done this yet-please, get started now.
I promise Organization really does equal Happiness. How will you know? When a vendor, your mother, the groom, asks you a question-and you say, "Wait a minute, let me get my binder."
Pure Bliss.

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