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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

When is a Marriage Announcement Appropriate

Celia is a bride I met only a few weeks ago. She has planned a very intimate and private wedding ceremony. She had already taken care of all of her wedding stationery, but had forgotten her wedding announcements. When we first spoke about her announcements she had the image of a Fleur de Lis in mind. She wanted the image as a soft background for the wording on her announcement.
This is the finished announcement for Celia to have mailed on her wedding day.

When is a marriage announcement appropriate:
1.  If you have planned a very small wedding and reception with only family and close friends, a great idea is to have an announcement prepared that your parents can issue to announce your wedding.
2.  If you have a very tight budget and are not able to invite all of the people you would like to your wedding, but would like to include them in this important event.
3.  If you and your new husband eloped.  If the elopement was planned, or if it was a last minute decision doesn't really matter.  Allow your parents the opportunity to announce your marriage to the world.
4.  A marriage announcement is appropriate at all times.  Just make sure to include all of the people you did not invite to your wedding.  This is a nice way to let those people know you are thinking of them.
Give the addressed and stamped announcements to your Maid of Honor a few days before your wedding day and allow her to drop them in the mail for you after your wedding.

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