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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Napkin Folding: A "Do Good" Idea for the DIY Green Bride

The brides I work with often rent all of the linens needed for their wedding reception.  I think this is a very good idea, especially when your reception will be quite large.
Renting is a 'Do Good" option, because the linens you rent have already been manufactured, they have most likely already been used again and again, and will be used a good bit after your wedding. Think reduce, re-use, recycle.
Here are a few tips to consider when selecting your linens.
 Rent only linens made of natural fibers.  I truly prefer cotton or linen.  Just say "no" to polyester.  It's rough next to the skin and most unattractive in appearance.
Ask for linens without heavy starch.  Linen looks beautiful when it is a bit rumpled, and cotton just gets too heavy and stiff when starched.
Finally, add a little bit of wedding decor to the napkin fold: a sweet flower, or a sprig of foliage, or any tidbit that relates back to your wedding theme.  Of course, a little place card or a menu is always appropriate.
It's hard to imagine that something as simple as napkin folding can help you become a "Green Bride," but, please consider this:  napkin folding is free, it doesn't change the amount of linen produced, and it doesn't add one item into our environment.  It is really a matter of your own personal creativity and desire to add your personal stamp to one of the details that makes your wedding unique.
I didn't make these folds up myself, I have read and practiced how to fold napkins from a book I purchased a few years ago titled, "Napkins with a Twist," by David Stark.
Think how clever you will be when you show the caterer your preferred napkin fold for your reception service.

This is a Pocket Fold.  This is a very simple fold.  I'm certain that your caterer is familiar with this fold, and
will gladly help with this presentation.  You are able to place any wedding decor item you like into this fold.

See how easy it is to place an object into this fold.  Think of any object that would relate back to your wedding-then ask your caterer to tuck that item into this napkin fold.

This is called the Single Flower Fold.  Again, a very simple fold.  Just supply the flower and a bit of ribbon, and ask your caterer to tie the ribbon to the top of the napkin and tuck the flower into the ribbon.  

If you would like detailed instructions on either of these napkin folds, email me:, and I will gladly send you the step-by-step instructions.  There are a lot of beautiful napkin folds to consider when planning your wedding reception.  Choose the napkin fold and decor that truly best represents you and your personal style.

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