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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Recycling Wine Corks: A Do Good idea for the DIY Green Bride

I truly enjoy finding new ways to use common objects we all have around our homes for weddings.  So, instead of throwing your wine bottle stoppers in with the trash (or recycling), try reusing them for your wedding reception decor.  The cork you pull out of your wine bottle actually comes from a cork tree.  It's called a Cork Oak Tree.  The sustainability of this product and the easy recycling of cork products are important aspects of cork, and this industry is generally regarded as environmentally friendly.

Wine Cork Table Number Holder
To make this table number holder simply cut a slit into the top of the cork with a sharp knife.  I find that you have to saw back and forth a bit.  Make the cut deep enough for the sign to fit snuggly, then slide the table sign into the slit.  I tried to use this at an outdoor wedding I was working on this past year and it did not work.
Thankfully I tested it on a trip out to the venue, where I discovered that the wind knocks the cork over easily.  So, to be safe, I would suggest only using this sign holder indoors.  If you want a little extra security, place a small piece of double sided tape on the bottom.

Wine Cork Place Card Holder
This idea works just as well for your place card holders.  I think more importantly, this idea works if you and your soon-to-be husband love wine, or your wedding and reception is being held at a winery, or in any type of natural setting. I think the back story of why you have selected to display particular objects as decor for your wedding and reception is more important than the objects themselves.  So,  in telling your story, if this is an idea that works-fabulous!  Start saving your corks, and ask your friends to save their corks as well.  After your wedding you can find even more uses for your wine corks.  But, that is for another post.
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